Donate a Dinner

Donate a Dinner ™ is a Charity Team Building Workshop to End Hunger While Your Team Learns Valuable Workplace Skills

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWhy not make your next corporate training event something to be proud of? There’s an unexpected feeling of togetherness and goodwill that occurs when people come together for a charitable cause. Our Donate a Dinner™ Charity Team Building Workshop offers groups a chance to give back to the community as they develop important workplace skills- a true multipurpose event!

Team Building on a Higher Level

During this charity team building event, participants are challenged to learn new ways of doing things in the workplace. They’re also drawn in by the social mission of this event: helping to end hunger right in their own communities.

That’s because hunger is everywhere, and by helping to stamp out this pervasive problem, your team can make a real difference.

How Does Donate a Dinner™ Work?

We start with our proven workshop formula that includes hands-on activities, a chance to reflect on what’s been learned during debriefing sessions, and many opportunities to put new skills to the test in fun yet challenging activities designed to reinforce targeted skills.

As participants work their way through the various modules of their workshop, they’ll be building on skills they already have, for tangible improvements that will really be visible even when you’re back at the office. We strive for continuing results, not just a day of fun and games.

Success Equals Positive Change

The harder teams work to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles put before them by our facilitators, the more successful they’ll be. Success means points in this workshop, and points translate into dinners.

That means the more your group engages and gets into the swing of things, the bigger their donation will be! Alternatively, the more they hold back, the fewer dinners they’ll donating that day. Better make sure everyone brings their A game to the table!

Let Us Create a Donate a Dinner™ Workshop Event for You…

During your initial consultation, we’ll speak with you and really listen to what you have to say about the goals of your team. Then, we’ll set out to create a Donate a Dinner™ Workshop that targets your areas of concern.

We’ll also be happy to work with whatever charitable organization you’d like, should you have a place in mind where you think donated dinners would work.

We’ll even make 501(c) giving possible, simply by calculating a dollar amount from the number of donated dinners earned by your team. Just call us up and ask!