Corporate Team Building Activities

Looking for corporate team building activities that will provide learning and won’t bore your team?

Corporate Team Building Activities“Corporate Team Building activities” is such a broad phrase used to describe everything from bowling and laser tag to a Myers-Briggs seminar. Here’s what corporate team building activities mean to us: interactive sessions filled with challenges designed to help build team skills like effective communication.

Fun is a byproduct, but learning is our focus.

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in the technology, they bypass the learning available with corporate team building activities. We are not a production company hired to put on a show. We are a performance development company and our clients value the fact that we are there to provide learning.

Customization means more than putting your company logo on an iPad.

We take the emphasis off the workshop and activities and put it back on the people who are participating to create something that’s meaningful to them. The activity itself could be with a handful of spoons and paperclips – when you have the right talent, you don’t need all the props. By listening to your objectives and desired outcomes, we select activities that will best meet your goals.

Benefits include:

Build on a sense of community and cohesive membership
Experience and practice skills in effective communication
Develop awareness of creative problem solving
Seek and share information including best practices
Break down barriers that may impede communication
Focus on organization goals not just self-success
Create awareness of interconnectivity related to limited resources

Our facilitators not only take the time to understand the needs of the group to create a corporate team building event that is a fit with those needs, but they also possess the insights to carry that learning through to the debrief. Delivering this type of training requires a combination of natural intuitiveness combined with experience to provide an effective and meaningful experience for our clients.

The goal is to create a fun team experience with relatable, tangible outcomes. With this approach we have earned a reputation for providing results-driven programs.

PROGRAM LENGTH:Corporate team building activities can be delivered in workshops from two hours to two days. Results will range from building awareness to creating behavior change based on your schedule and budget.